The Psychology World Podcast by Connor Whiteley

If you want to start learning psychology in all its many fields from biological psychology to cognitive psychology to social and developmental psychology and many more in an easy to understand way.

Then this is the podcast for you!

Each week Connor Whiteley; psychology author of ‘An Introductory Series’ and a Psychology student studying in the UK; will breakdown an interesting psychological concept into their easy to understand basics then he will clearly and thoroughly explain supporting and un-supporting studies related to that concepts and he will explain the recent updates or revelations in the field of psychology as well.

Furthermore, Connor will bring this own interesting and personal style on these psychology concepts, so you won’t be bored!

Basically, if you want to become an expert in psychology or if you just have a subtle interest then this is the best place to start.


You can get access to the podcast on all the major podcasting apps and by clicking the link below!

You can get the espodie's show notes and the transcript at:


The Psychology World Podcast Episodes:

Episode 1- What is Psychology and Cognition in a Digital World

Episode 2- Thinking Biases

Episode 3- Reliability of Memory


Episode 4- What is Biological Psychology and Neuroplasticity?

Episode 5- Localisation


Episode 6- Neurotransmitters


Episode 7- What is Social Psychology and Cultural Dimensions?

Episode 8-Social Cognitive Theory

Episode 9- What is Abnormal Psychology and Biological Explanation for Depression

Episode 10- Abnormal Psychology: Cognitive Explanation for Depression

Episode 11- Abnormal Psychology: Treatment Options for Depression

Episode 12- Ethics in Psychology


Episode 13- Cognitive Explanations for the Formation of Human Relationships


Episode 14- Bystanderism

Episode 15- Forensic Psychology


Episode 16- Health Psychology: Biological Reasons for Obesity

Episode 17- Health Psychology: The Biopsychosocial Model

Episode 18- Health Psychology: Social Reasons for why Obesity occurs

Episode 19- Developmental Psychology: Attachment


Episode 20- Developmental Psychology: Role of Peers and Play in Child Development

Episode 21- Developmental Psychology: How Poverty impacts Development

Episode 22- How to Combat Loneliness During COVID-19 and Everyday Life?

Episode 23- Research Types in Psychology

Episode 24- What to Do During Lockdown Using Social Psychology?

Episode 25- How to Increase Generalisability and Credibility in Psychology Research?

Episode 26- Could Teletherapy be the Future of Psychotherapy?

Episode 27- Research Biases in Psychology Research

Episode 28- Forensic Psychology: Public and Crime

Episode 29- Forensic Psychology: Types of Legal Systems

Episode 30- Forensic Psychology: Does Treatment Work for Offenders?

Episode 31- 5 Ways to Help a Friend With Grief

Episode 32- Why Do We Have Such Large Brains? An Introduction to Social Cognition

Episode 33- 5 Ways to Deal With Negative Thoughts

Episode 34- How Does Sleep Work?

Episode 35- Myths About Apologies

Episode 36- What are Anxiety Disorders and Their Types?

Episode 37- How Does Racism Affect Your Health?

Episode 38- Psychology of Cuteness and Why Your Need More of It in Your Life?

Episode 39- How will Social Distancing Affect Child Development?

Episode 40- Differences in Sexual Interest Between Genders

Episode 41-How to read people and decode facial expressions?

Episode 42- How can psychology help during the COVID-19 pandemic? BPS Conference 2020 highlights

Episode 43- Why do more authentic people live happier lives?

Episode 44- 5 Ways to help overcome social anxiety

Episode 45- What influences language development?

Episode 46- How Can You Help a Depressed Person?

Episode 47- The Ultimate Stress Reducer

Episode 48- The Power of Re-framing a Mental Health Diagnosis

Episode 49- How Artificial Intelligence Could Impact Human Behaviour? My Predictions

Episode 50- Psychology of Cults

Episode 51- 3 Tips to Help Build Resilience

Episode 52- Why Do People Constantly Watch the News and How to Stay Optimistic During Difficult Times?

Episode 53- 4 Personality Types Most Resilience During the Pandemic

Episode 54- What is Clinical Psychology and Why is it Needed?

Episode 55- Changing Visions 2040: Future of Psychology

Episode 56- Should Psychologists Be Able To Prescribe Medication?

Episode 57- What is Formulation and Why is It Important?


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