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Connor Whiteley Science fictin and fantasy author pychology author independent author


Connor Whiteley is the author of over 20 books in the sci-fi fantasy, nonfiction psychology and books for writer’s genre and he is a Human Branding Speaker and Consultant. 

He is a passionate warhammer 40,000 reader, psychology student and author.


Who narrates his own audiobooks and he hosts The Psychology World Podcast.


All whilst studying Psychology at the University of Kent, England. 


The purpose of my writing and my publishing is:

  • To make books that people find enjoyable.

  • To explain psychology in an engaging and easy to understand way.

  • To write books that other authors and writers will find useful.

  • To produce high quality books.

Taking a Stand

As an Independent Author and the Director of CGD Publishing, I want to conduct my business in an ethical and supportive manner to own author community and to the global community.

Therefore, here are a few of my positions on certain topics:

  • I only use Print On Demand Technology for my print books as this is more environmentally friend than print runs of thousands of books that may never sell.

  • As much as I love Amazon and I have and will continue to give Amazon thousands of pounds over the years. I understand that there are millions of reader around the world that Amazon does not reach and I do not want Amazon to be the only bookstore in the future. This is why my books are available on other stores and soon ALL of my books will be available on other book stores as well as this is why I actively support other bookstores.

  • In addition, to support these bookstores. Like: Kobo, Apple Books and GooglePlay instead of focusing on Amazon advertising instead I am focusing on book merchandising on Kobo and in late 2020 hopefully Apple Books.


Connor Whiteley Photos:

connor whiteley writing
connor whiteley
connor whiteley taking notes
connor whiteley
connor whiteley book signing
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connor whiteley psychology books
connor whiteley taking notes
connor whiteley psychology books
connor whiteley psychology books
connor whiteley fantasy books
connor whiteley social psychology book
connor whiteley with psychology of relationships
psychology boxset, biological psychology, cognitive psychology, social psychology

Connor Whiteley At The British Museum- June 2021

Connor Whiteley author book research
connor whiteley psychology author on book research
british museum exhibition by connor whiteley
connor whiteley outisde british museum
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