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Psychology of Relationships: The Social Psychology of Friendships, Romantic Relationships and Prosocial Behaviour and More Fourth Edition

psychology of relationships the social psychology of friendships, romantic relationships and more fourth edition by connor whiteley

This 4th edition is filled with fascinating topics psychology students and professionals will enjoy!

Do you want to learn why human relationships are important?

Do you want to learn what causes human relationships to form?

Do you want to learn why humans show prosocial behaviour?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions and more, then this is the book for you as we investigate how human relationships form, types of love and relationships and the psychology of prosocial behaviour.


This fascinating 4th edition includes brand new chapters on the psychology of sexuality and homosexuality to help you get a more in depth understanding of this great topic.


By the end of this book, you will know:

  • Why human relationships are important?

  • The biological, cognitive, and social reasons why human relationships form.

  • What the Bystander Effect is and why it happens?

  • How to Promote Prosocial Behavior?

  • Why humans show altruism?




Psychology of Human Relationships Content:


Why Are Relationships Important?


Part One: What Causes Relationships?

The Biological Explanations for Relationships

The Cognitive Explanations for Relationships

The Social Explanations for Relationships


Part Two: Communication, Attraction and Relationship Breakdown


Types of Love and Theories of Attraction

Maintaining Relationships

Why Relationships Change and End?



Part Three: Prosocial Behaviour


Why People Don’t Help?


Parochial Altruism

Social Identification and the Dark Side of Altruism

Promoting Prosocial Behaviour

cognitive psychology, biological psychology,socialpsychology, abnormal psychology
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