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Social Psychology: A Guide to Social and Cultural Psychology

social psychology a guide to social and cultural psychology fourth edition by connor whiteley

This engaging 4th edition is perfect for psychology students and professionals alike!

Do you want to learn why groups behave like they do?
Do you want to learn how our groups influence us?
Do you want to learn how our culture impacts our behaviour?

If the answer to any of these questions and more is yes, then this is the book for you!
In this book, you’ll learn about social and cultural psychology and how this affects our behaviour all in an easy to understand and engaging way.


This fascinating 4th Edition includes lots of brand new chapters on interesting topics. For example, the social psychology of cheating, freeriding, social cognition, deception and plenty more!


By the end of this book, you’ll learn:

  • What is social psychology?

  • How our culture impacts our behaviour?

  • Why groups behave as they do?

  • How persuasion works and why it can fail?

  • The psychology of aggression

  • And more.



Social Psychology Content:



Part One: Introduction to Social Psychology

Chapter 1: History of Social psychology

Chapter 2: How Do You do social psychology?

Chapter 3: What Groups for The Individuals?

Chapter 4; The Social Cure Hypothesis

Chapter 5: The Self and Self-Awareness

Chapter6: Theories of The Self

Chapter 7: Self-Esteem

Chapter 8: Attitudes and Social Cognition

Chapter 9: Cognitive Dissonance

Chapter 10: Social Identity Theory

Chapter 1: Individual and Collective Narcissism

Chapter 12: Social Cognitive Theory


Part Two: The Social Group

Chapter 13: The Social Group

Chapter 14: Formation of The Group

Chapter 15: Roles, Gender and More.

Chapter 16: Negatives of Social Groups and Why social Groups Can Be Bad For Us?

Chapter 17: Group Decision Making and The Hidden Profile

Chapter 18: Why the Hidden Profile Profiles and How to Overcome the Hidden Profile?

Chapter 19: Group Memory and The Group Think Phenomenon.


Part Three: Intergroup Relations

Chapter 20: Intergroup Relations

Chapter 21: The Outgroup

Chapter 22: Ideologies

Chapter 23: Introduction to Sexism

Chapter 24: Sexism

Chapter 25: Ideologies Of Meritocracy And Why Ideologies Are Important?

Chapter 26 Categorisation Approaches, Intergroup Contact and Intergroup Apology

Chapter 28: Collective Action


Part Four: Social Influence

Chapter 29: Social Influence

Chapter 30: Milgram (1965,1975)

Chapter 31: Why People Conform

Chapter 32: Controversies of The Experiments


Part Five: Persuasion

Chapter 33: Persuasion

Chapter 34: The Message

Chapter 35: The Method and Models Of Persuasions

Chapter 36: Persuasion Techniques and When Persuasion Doesn’t Work?


Part Six: Aggression and Cultural Psychology

Chapter 37: Aggression, What Causes Aggression and Aggression in Sport Games

Chapter 38: Cultural Dimensions

Chapter 39: Enculturation and Acculturation

Chapter 40: Globalisation

Including many more fascinating chapters on topics like freeriding, social cognition, deception and more.


cognitive psychology, biological psychology, social psychology, abnormal psychology
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