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What Strong Relationships Have in Common Using Social Psychology?

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Whilst this episode wasn’t meant to be a social psychology episode, this episode of The Psychology World Podcast is on What Strong Relationships Have in Common?

The aim of this episode is to find out what strong relationships have in common using social psychology.

Note: as always, nothing on the podcast is any sort of official or professional advice. Whether it’s relationships, medical or any other type of advice.


Caring is very important in relationships because if the two people in the relationships don’t care about one another. Then the relationship is likely to fail since humans tend not to maintain relationships they don’t care about.

In addition, you can show you care about your friend or partner by what you say to them or your actions. Like you get them a nice present.

Social Psychology: Cheerleading

Another important feature of strong relationships is cheerleading. (I had no idea what that was before today) This is where you both lift each other up and support each other. Whether it's for friends or romantic partners.

Personally, I quite like this point because in my own strong relationships, supporting each other with the occasion lifting each other up has been major factors that made these friendships strong.


Whenever I’m or have been in strong relationships before, this is a critical point for me. Since I find it very difficult to trust people so for friendships to be strong with me, I have to know that I’m safe and I can be confident with that person. Whether it’s confiding in them or talking about personal matters.

I think we all have this in certain friendships or romantic relationships.


This is an interesting and I give a minor story in my Psychology of Relationships book. But the short version is back in 2018, I thought one of my closest friends was blanking me, and it led to a bit of a rough patch. But it turned out that he was going through something, and he didn’t communicate that to me.

Overall, communication is very important in strong relationships because if you don’t have open communication. Then this can lead to difficulties and could strain the relationship.


I think we have funny stories about compromises in relationships.

Since I remember a funny story where my friend wanted to me go out with him and some of his other friendships (which I didn’t like) so we had to compromise by saying I’ll go out with him and his friendships. On the condition, we did something I wanted to do at another point in time.

Overall, if you remember the How Couples Can Stop Arguing? episode last month, then you know that compromise is key to a strong relationship. Since it shows that you want the relationship to work, and you’re willing to sacrifice your own needs to satisfy the other persons.

I could write a book on all the compromise stories I have!

I really hope you enjoyed today’s episode.

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