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Why More Authentic People Live Happier Lives?

social psychology, cognitive psychology

In today’s episode of The Psychology World Podcast, we’ll going to be discussing why people are happier with their lives if they are more authentic. So, I hope that you enjoy this social psychology episode of the podcast.

Back in 2014, psychology researchers at Louisiana Tech University published a very important study using data collected from college students about their level of authenticity as well as their life satisfaction. Overall, their results demonstrated that the more authentically people lived their lives, the happier they were with their life.

Additionally, as a human branding and social psychology person this is perfect for you as this builds into the idea of human branding where you need to connect with people and get them to know, like and trust you.

Interestingly, the study found that there were three reasons for these research findings.

Reason Number One:

Firstly, the more authentic you are, the more likely you are to live your own life as well as follow your own path in live. Due to the fact that you will most probably do what feels most natural to you so you will develop your interests as well as develop your curiosity for that interest. Overall, making you more likely to become high skilled and an expert in that chosen skill.

Personally, as I’m really interested in human branding and I live authentically. I actively develop and learn about social psychology and things related to human branding so I can become better and more skilled at human branding.

Reason Number Two:

Secondly, the more authentic you are, the more you should be able to resistant outside pressure from people around you who want you to be a different version of yourself or at least do another job. Yet being authentic results in you being free to be yourself and follow what you want to do.

The Final Reason:

Finally, and my personal favourite as a massive human branding fan; is being authentic allows you to have more meaningful relationships with people. As well as authenticity makes you less willing to spend your valuable time with people who don’t care about you.

Personally, I completely agree with this final reason because being authentic is all about being true to yourself so you shouldn’t have to deal with people who don’t like nor care about yourself.


In conclusion, people who are more authentic tend to be happier in their lives because they tend to follow their own paths in life, they can resistant outside pressure and be themselves as well as they tend to have more deeper and meaningful relationships with people.

Overall, I hope that you’ve enjoyed today’s social psychology episode of The Psychology World Podcast and if you want to learn more about social psychology then please check out my book: Sociocultural Psychology 2nd Edition.

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