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What to do During COVID-19 and How to Maintain your Mental Health using Social Psychology?

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Today’s episode is on creatives things to do during lockdown and COVID-19 using social psychology.

Hello everyone, I hope that you’re having a great day.

So, during lockdown we are all looking for things to do and we all want to maintain or improve our mental health during the process, so this is where social psychology and doing creatives things during the lockdown comes in.

Note: despite there being a lot of social psychology research out there. I won’t be backing up what I’m saying in this article as this is meant to help people using my own experiences and

what I’ve heard from news or psychological sources.

Therefore, here are five things to do during lockdown:

Reflective writing:

There has been a lot of research into the great benefits that writing has on mental health so writing whether creatively or otherwise is great for mental health.

So, my suggestion would be to do some writing soon because it can make you feel better and if you choose to write something creatively then it can be great for escaping the COVID-

19 chaos.

In addition, I recommend that you do some reflective writing on your phone or on some paper (what’s paper? Isn’t that stone age technology?) and just write about your feelings and how you’re doing during the lockdown.

I know from personal experience that this is helpful to do even when you aren’t in lockdown also, I have found a few surprising things about myself during this reflective writing.

Note: this tends to happen when you’re writing freely and not controlling what you’re saying.

So go on just write!

Reading and TV and movies:

Personally, as a writer I love reading so I can testify to the power of books in print, eBook or audio format to escape this chaos and enter another type of world through reading.

Also, a lot of authors are doing discounts during COVID-19 so please have a look and read.

If you want to look at some of my books, then please go to:

Psychology books-

P.S- TV and Movies have the same effect!

Arts and crafts:

Similarly, to reading and reflective writing, doing arts and crafts and creating something new while the virus is destroying the world around us can provide you with some great escape.

So, you can similarly type into google ‘arts and crafts activities’ and you should find a lot of

great activities to do.

In addition, if you have kids at home with you then doing arts and crafts are a great way to keep them entertained.


There has also been a lot of research into the great effects that exercise has on improving our mental health and experts on Sky News have constantly been talking about the need to exercise to keep up and maintain our mental health during this difficult time.

Personally, I have a mini- exercise bike at home so I spend at least 30 mins a day on it exercising.

So please maintain your mental health and exercise!

I know that this is a very difficult time and I hope that you have found this psychology blog post with reference to social psychology useful.

Please stay safe and stay sane!

Have a great day everyone! kind regards, Connor.

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