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Types of Research in Psychology (The Psychology World Podcast Episode 23)

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How is psychology research done?

Today’s psychology podcast episode is on research in psychology, research types in psychology and how psychology research is done?

Hi everyone, I hope that you’re having a great day.

In today’s episode of The Psychology World Podcast, I talk about research in psychology.

Below are the show notes taken from my Research in Psychology book:

In psychological research, there are two types of research.


The aim of this research is to make universal rules of behaviour. That can be applied to a large group of people.

The focus is on how behaviour is created and shows itself with a strong emphasis on scientific number-based data.

Furthermore, it’s an objective type of research meaning that the researcher is removed from the research context and doesn’t influence the results as much.

Some examples of this type of research include:

· Experiments

· Natural experiments

· Correlational studies

Overall, think of this type of research as the hardcore type of science that is supported by hard facts and numerical data.

Qualitative research:

The aim of this type is to develop a deep understanding of a particular event or case. As a result of this focus on one event, this type of research doesn’t produce universal rules of behaviour.

Qualitative research focuses on human experiences, interpretation and meaning with rich detailed texts for data.

However, this type is less objective as the researcher is part of the research method and could possibly influence the results.

Some qualitative methods include:

· Case studies

· Observations

· Focus groups

· Interviews

Overall, think as this type of research as focusing one event and trying to find out everything about the event. In order to write a very, very detailed report of why the event happened.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed today’s psychology blog post on research in psychology and if you want to know more about psychological research then please consider checking out my book: Research in Psychology.

Have a great day!

Kind regards Connor.

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