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The Timeless Debates In Psychology

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In this week's episode of The Psychology World Podcast, I thought we would go back to the psychology basics.

This episode touches on all areas of psychology. Like, abnormal psychology, cognitive and developmental psychology. Since we're looking at the timeless debates of psychology.

Personally, I think all of these debates are pointless because all these have merits and no one argument is more correct than the others.

Psychology Debate: Nature Versus Nurture

This argument is extremely outdated because all behaviours are a mixture of genetic factors and environmental factors.

Overall, this outdated psychology argument looks at is behaviour determined by genetic or biological factors or environmental factors only.

Nowadays, this argument looks at which factors contribute more to behaviour.

Psychology Debate: Materialism Versus Constructionism

Whereas this psychology debate takes a different approach because it looks at whether behaviour has a material basis or a construction basis.

Since Materialism believes all behaviour is down to the physical material, like the brain, and these materialists believe all behaviour is just down to neural activity.

Whereas constructionists believe human behaviour is caused by environmental factors only.

Again, both these arguments are correct to various degrees.

Consistency Versus Change Across Development

The last psychology debate I want to look at is a developmental psychology one. Since some people believe some skills, personalities and abilities are developed by late childhood and they're fixed for the rest of our lives.

Whilst others believe, our personalities, skills and abilities can change through our life span.

The answer to this debate is complex and it really depends on the trait you're looking at. If

you want to know the answers to this debate please check Developmental Psychology Third Edition and my Personality Psychology book in late 2021.

Debates in Psychology Conclusion:

In scientific psychology, everyone works to develop ideas, theories and concepts that help us to explain behaviour. However, none of these theories exists by themselves. They all interact with one another in addition to situational and biological influences.

So, if anyone tells you a particular argument or they themselves have all the answers.

They're very wrong indeed because human complex as well as we need to understand that our understanding of Behavior is rooted in broad sets of assumptions and even some of these might be debatable.

I really hope you enjoyed this psychology episode.

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