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How to Achieve Your New Year Resolutions?

social psychology, cognitive psychology

Today's episode of The Psychology World Podcast is on the social psychology topic of How to Achieve Your New Year's Resolutions?

Therefore, in this episode, I want to talk about three tips to help you achieve your goals.

Also, I recommend making some personal goals for the new year because this has a number of benefits. Including, if you're having a bad day or a dip in your mental health then these goals could help to remind you your life is meaningful and great.

Do something truly meaningful:

When it comes to new year resolutions, I think this the most overlooked idea.

This is because resolutions are meant to be tons that you WANT to do as these will help you and improve yourself.

Therefore, I stress to you please make them meaningful because if you don't, you won't stick to them.

For example, a common and pointless resolution is 'I want to be a nicer person'

Now that is an okay resolution but its not very meaningful by itself.

Because how are you going to be nicer and why do you want to be nicer?

Thus, I highly recommend you make it more meaningful by adding a few words to explain it and make it more specific. Since this will remind you why you're doing it for the times when you want to give up.

For example, 'I want to be a nicer person to my grandparents so I can have a better relationship with them'

Overall, to stick to your new year resolutions please make them more meaningful so you can remind yourself why you're doing them for the difficult times.

Reward yourself

This is simple- when it comes to doing a task, resolution or anything you need to reward yourself so you brain releases dopamine. Making you feel great.

Otherwise, you will get no dopamine release and the task will not make your feel good.

Your reward can be as simple as buying a cheap item (like a book) everytime you reach a milestone. Or you stack your rewards to get big reward at the end.

For instance, referring back to our example, 'I will allow myself to buy an ebook everything time, I go and visit my grandparents and be nice to them)


' I will allow myself to buy a new ereader after I have visited my grandparents 5 times'

Overall, you should try to reward yourself to get the release of dopamine that makes you feel great!

Don't bite off more than you can chew:

However, please don't bite off more than you can chew.

In short, don't do tens of resolutions. Maybe do 1 or 2 or even 3 but don't overwhelm yourself. Since you will not be able to do that all effectively. Then the failure could make you feel bad and then this could affect your motivation for the rest of the resolutions.

Therefore, I suggestion is focus on 1 or 2 manageable resolutions and get them done perfectly.

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