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Diversity Within Clinical Psychology and Clinical Psychology In Health Settings

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In this clinical psychology episode of the podcast, we’re going to be looking at my reflection of Diversity Within Clinical Psychology and Clinical Psychology In Health Settings

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Diversity Within Clinical Psychology

Friday 30th November 2020

For a change, I wanted to talk about diversity in the field of clinical psychology, because I truly believe it's great there’s at least one professional where women are in highly paid positions.

However, the problem with the field o clinical psychology is the vast majority are white middle-class women.

Although, the one benefit of this, if we go by stereotypes, is women tend to more open to difficulties, and talking then than men in my opinion.

Yet this is still very problematic because every class tends to have a certain experience and it is this commonality that makes people ‘click’ and this helps the therapeutic alliance.

Therefore, if I needed therapy then I would find this difficult with a white middle-class woman to some extent. As yes, I am middle class and white but I am male.

So, I would have been exposed to different societal pressures, expectations and experiences.

Therefore, I might be more open to talking to a male but I’m not sure. But I know other men would prefer to talk to men.

I would elaborate but I have some more personal thoughts on this topic.

Additionally, black people would probably be more comfortable talking to a fellow black person. Since they can discuss their own black experiences.

And the same goes for members of the LGBT+ community.

Overall, it is imperative that we increase diversity within clinical psychology so we can help clients get the best therapist for them and they can have a very good therapeutic relationship and this increases the likelihood of having successful therapy and living better lives.

Clinical Psychology In Health Settings

Friday 4th December 2020

So, I’ve just watched the first 30 minutes of an episode of My 600LB Life. I don’t normally watch it but this makes its way into this clinical log because this female on the program had a medication condition that was caused and maintained by her obesity.

Now, this is a prime example of the biopsychosocial model. Due to the female could have a medical operation to fix her medical condition. Yet this is useless as unless her mental processes are changed to become healthier then she will get obese once more, and her medical condition will return.

Therefore, this highlights the immense importance of coming away from the biomedical model and towards the biopsychological model and formulation.

As demonstrated in this case, the psychological causes of obesity must be treated as important as the physical factors. Or the physical factors will only be maintained and never end or be rerated.

I really hope you enjoyed this clinical psychology reflection and I would love to show your own reflection in the comments!

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