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Could Teletherapy be the future of Psychotherapy?

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Today’s episode is looking at teletherapy under the branch of Abnormal Psychology.

Hello, I hope that you’re all well during these difficult times so I wanted to take a break from social psychology in this in-between episode of The Psychology World Podcast and talk about abnormal psychology, but more specifically I wanted to talk about the future of psychotherapy.

Which as you know is very important in Clinical and Abnormal psychology.

Therefore, teletherapy is simply when psychotherapy is delivered from the telephone, skype or any other over-the-internet form of communication and it can be done over the talk as well.

In addition, teletherapy could become the ‘normal’ psychotherapy as it is becoming perfectly normal for therapists to phone, text or video chat with patients as well as teletherapy is becoming increasingly used during the COVID-19 pandemic as people still need therapy during this crisis.

Interestingly, teletherapy isn’t new in psychology as it and a number of interesting developments were happening before the pandemic. For example, it’s isn’t uncommon to find therapists on social media to grow their business and social media allowed the therapists to grow their business with a global clientele. Meaning that teletherapy was needed in order to help these international clients.

Another interesting development is co-working spaces for mental health professionals and this development I found strange at first as surely you would need to be away from other people to deliver effective therapy.

However, in JAMA article in 2012 found that Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) delivered in teletherapy was just as effective as in-person CBT.

Another benefit of these co-working places includes therapists stay mobile for delivering remote services as well as it gives people a chance to network. This is always useful.

However, the problem and main difficulty for teletherapy is that according to the article at the button of the page, these pieces of software like zoom and Skype don’t meet the regulatory requirements. Hence, this creates issues for the therapists.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed this abnormal psychology blog post and if you want to learn more about psychology then please sign up for my newsletter to receive your FREE book and if you want to learn more about abnormal psychology then please check out my Abnormal Psychology book.

Have a great day everyone!

Kind regards Connor.


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Jonah Perry
Jonah Perry
Sep 26, 2021

Thanks for sharinng this

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