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5 Ways to Help Overcome Social Anxiety

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In today’s episode of The Psychology World Podcast, we’ll going to be looking at 5 powerful ways to overcome social anxiety, so we’re looking for something under the umbrella of abnormal psychology

So, social anxiety is a fairly common condition as I talk about more in book and if you want to learn more about anxiety as well as different conditions. Then please check out Abnormal Psychology 2nd Edition.

5 Ways to Overcome Your Social Anxiety:

1. Challenge Your Negative Thoughts:

I did a podcast episode on how to overcome your negative thoughts a few weeks ago so please go to the podcast tab to find that useful episode.

Yet you need to challenge your negative thoughts because quite often anxiety sufferers feel disempowered and helpless. But if you challenge your thinking and possibly realise that you have nothing to be fearful of. Then you might be able to change your thinking and you might start to feel less anxious.

2. Go to a Coffee Shop:

When I first read this idea, I was extremely surprised, because how would going to a place that makes you anxious help?

Well, it turns out if you go to a coffee shop and do something that you enjoy. Such as: watching a film or playing a game. Then this can help you to get use to the situation and ‘climatize’ you to the amount of people around.

Overall, this helps you to get use to the amount of people around so you potentially feel less anxious in a given situation.

3. Adopt a Healthier Lifestyle

This shouldn’t really surprise too many, but how does a healthier lifestyle does social anxiety sufferers?

Interestingly, the mind as well as the body are linked; and I discuss this more in my book Cognitive Psychology 2nd Edition.

Therefore, if you make small lifestyle changes, this improves your self-confidence. Reducing your anxiety as well as having other benefits.

Here are some healthier options or small changes you could make in order to overcome your social anxiety:

· Avoid or limit your caffeine intake.

· Avoid energy drinks as these drinks act as stimulants and this increases anxious symptoms.

· Make exercise a priority in your day as this has many psychological benefits as different hormones and neurotransmitters get released. This is before you consider the long-term benefits!

4. Find social situations and engage

Another powerful way to help overcome social anxiety is to actively try and find supportive social situations so you can try and overcome your fears.

For example, you could try to find a social anxiety support group and engage with them. this would have the additional benefit of you learning from other people to see how they manage their anxiety.

5. Be Kind to Yourself

Finally, you need to be kind to yourself.

Nobody is perfect and everyone takes time to learn things.

So just be kind to yourself, take things at your own pace and you will be fine.

I hope that you found this psychology podcast episode useful today, and if you want to learn more about anxiety and other mental conditions then please check out my book: Abnormal psychology 2nd Edition.

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