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Cult Psychology By Connor Whiteley

Cult Psychology A Cognitive, Personality Psychology, Social and Forensic Psychology Look At Cults

Perfect for psychology students and psychology professionals alike.


Cults are extremely interesting to psychologists because they make a person give up their autonomy and cults can have horrific consequences for members.

But why do people go through this?


If you want to know about cult psychology, supernatural beliefs and more, this is the book for you.


We’ll explore cult psychology in great depth covering a great range of cult psychology topics from cognitive psychology, social psychology and more. All to help you understand what’s the psychology behind cults and how do we help people get out of cults.


This is an amazing book that you will love.




Cult Psychology Content:



Part One: Basics of Cult Psychology and Cult Leaders

Basics of Cult Psychology

Dangerous Cult Leaders: A Personality Psychology Look At Cults

How Do Narcissists Use Cult Leader Tactics To Control Others?


Part Two: The Cognitive Psychology and Social Psychology of Cults

Cult Cognition and Cognitive Dissonance

Cult Cognition and Group Psychology

Dissociative Responses, Supernatural Beliefs Systems And How We Help These People?

Cult Psychology and The Social Psychology of The Self-Soothing Prejudice

Why Cults Are Mindless: Cost Requirements, Supernatural Belief Systems And Obedience

Helping People Trapped in Cults

Available from all major eBook retailers and you can order the paperback and hardback copies from Amazon, your local bookstore and local library, if you request it.

cognitive psychology, cult psychology, personality psychology
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