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Applied Psychology: Applying Social Psychology, Cognitive Psychology and More To The Real-World


Available from all major eBook retailers and you can order the paperback and hardback copies from Amazon, your local bookstore and local library, if you request it.


Also available as an AI-narrated audiobook from selected audiobook platforms and library systems. For example, Kobo, Spotify, Barnes and Noble, Google Play, Overdrive, Baker and Taylor and Bibliotheca. 

Psychologists apply theory to real world problems. Psychologists manage to improve lives, save people and achieve incredible things by applying psychology to the world.

But how?

This engaging, passionate and fascinating book explains the psychological theory behind a wide range of interesting areas and how psychologists apply the theory to problems to create impressive solutions.

By the end of this great book, you'll know:

  • How applied psychology works?

  • How psychological theory applies to language disorders?

  • How psychology decreases work-related stress?

  • How psychology counters misinformation, misogyny and conspiracy theories?

  • And many more fascinating topics.


If you're looking for an easy-to-understand, passionate, engaging guide to applied psychology then this is the book for you.


Applied Psychology Content



Part One: Applying Developmental Psychology Theory To Language Development

What Is Oral Language And Who Has Difficulties?

Why Does Variability In Language Matter?

What Is The Relationship Between Socioeconomic Status And Child-Direct Speech?

How Children Learn Language Through Joint-Attention?

More Interventions For Promoting Oral Language Development In Mainstream Classrooms


Part Two: Applying Business Psychology Theory To Work-Related Stress And More

Organisational Psychology

Introduction To Stress Models In Business Psychology

Models Of Stress

Psychological Wellbeing

Other Factors Impacting Work-Related Stress

Primary And Other Interventions For Stress

Psychology Of Leadership And Wellbeing


Part Three: Applying Social Psychology Theory To Conspiracy Theories And Misinformation

Understanding Misinformation And Conspiracy Theories

How Do We Correct Or Debunk Misinformation?


Part Four: Applying Social Psychology Research To Incels And Online Misogyny

What Are Incels And Why Should We Care?

What Is Incel Ideology?

Theories Explaining Incel Ideology

What Can We Do About It?

What Are The FIRE Initiative And What To Do If You’re Worried About Someone?


Part Five: Sports Psychology

What Is Sports Psychology, Clinical Sports Psychology And Educational Sports Psychology?

What Is Performance Profiling And The Multi-Level Classification System In Sports Psychology?

Exploring Performance Development, Performance Termination And Performance Impairment

How Would A Sports Psychology Work With A Male Boxer?

How Would A Sports Psychology Help A Female Kayaker?

Investigating Overtraining Syndrome In More Depth


Applied Psychology: Applying Social Psychology, Cognitive Psychology and More To The Real-World
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