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The Ultimate Stress Reducer According to a New Study

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Today’s episode of The Psychology World Podcast is about stress reduction by reading books. Therefore, this episode comes under the psychology subfields of social psychology, abnormal psychology and health psychology.

Currently, there are a lot of stressors in the world from the COVID-19 pandemic to job losses, death of friends and family, political arguments and many, many more.

Equally, there are a lot of well-known stress reducers that can help you to reduce your stress which is supported by social psychology research. For instance, going for a walk, listening to music and more.

However, research done by the University of Sussex had shown an amazing result. They demonstrated that if you read a book that transports you into your character’s world for as little as 6 minutes. Then you should experience a 68% reduction in stress as well as lowered heart rate and muscle tension.

Interestingly, the stress reducing power of reading outshone listening to music, taking a walk, having a cup of tea as well as other common ways to reduce psychological stress.

Furthermore, therapists recommend reading to their clients as a result of these findings.

Personally, as a sci-fi fantasy author, I’m very pleased with these findings because it means that my books can help people to destress and relax more, so if you wanted to check out any of my fiction then please click here.

Furthermore, there are other benefits to reading in terms of psychological wellbeing. For instance:

· Reading can enhance your Theory of Mind. This is seen as a skill to help you understand the emotions and intentions of others. You can read more about it in my book: Developmental Psychology 2nd Edition.

· According to research published in Social Science & Medicine, book readers tend to live an average of two years longer than non-readers.

· Finally, reading can help to build sexual tension. This is probably when they’re reading a romance or erotica book or when they’re reading a book involving Unresolved Sexual Tension between the two main characters.

Overall, I hope that you’ve enjoyed today’s episode. If you want to learn more about psychology then you might want to check out the following links:

Sociocultural Psychology 2nd Edition (A Book on Social Psychology and Cultural Psychology)

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2. Letting Go: The Maryland Shores and Second Chances: The Maryland Shores;





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