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The ‘Fast Development= Risky Vaccine’ Intuition using Cognitive Psychology

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Cognitive Psychology and the ‘Fast Development= Risky Vaccine’ Intuition

In today’s episode of The Psychology World Podcast, we look at the cognitive psychology topic of the ‘Fast Development= Risky Vaccine’ Intuition.

This episode has been sponsored by my Psychology 2021 Dairies.

The ‘Fast Development= Risky Vaccine’ Intuition:

All over the world there are multiple vaccines being approved for use and I’m very excited about the rollout of these vaccines so life can get back to normal.

And vaccines are the only way we’re going to get out of COVID-19 pandemic.

However, recent surveys (links in the reference) have found in the USA between a third and half of surveyed people wouldn’t take a vaccine even if it was widely available and free.

I think this is shocking.

The major reason for this hesitation is called: the ‘Fast Development= Risky Vaccine’ Intuition.

Lay Theories:

This intuition is an example of a lay theory.

Another term for a theory made up by people to help them navigate their every day, and it makes the world make sense to them.

These theories are very common in behaviour and they influence our behaviour a lot, they’re hard to change and common forms of consumer understanding.

One common example of a lay theory is the false idea that unhealthy foods are tasty, whereas healthy foods are tasteless.

I know this couldn’t be further from the truth because you can buy some great tasting healthy foods.

‘Fast Development= Risky Vaccine,’ Intuition:

The intuition developed because multiple trustworthy sources have been a vaccine takes between 10 and 15 years to develop. This allows people to set a baseline for a vaccine.

Meaning when multiple vaccines are developed under the course of a year. People are rightfully going to be suspicious.

I understand it.

In addition, in the US media, politicians and other experts have constantly been mentioning the speed of the vaccine development.

Again, this reinforces the concern of others.

Also, at the beginning of the pandemic, there were lots of cautionary statements from experts about the speed of the development.

Overall, it isn’t hard for people who are already suspicious of vaccines to make up an intuition were the speedy developments means an increased risk of the vaccine.

How Do You Change This So-called Intuition?

I’m afraid to say this is difficult because this is an example of an implicit attitude, so lots of people don’t even realise they have this intuition that’s stopping them from getting the vaccine.

Additionally, implicit attitudes are hard to change.

Two suggested ways of helping to break this ‘Fast Development= Risky Vaccine’ Intuition is:

· Updating people on risks and information.

· Telling people how the vaccines work since people fear the unknown.

How the Vaccine Works:

To prepare for this article, I researched how the COVID-19 vaccines work and I’ve included a great article in the references.

In short, the vaccines work by injecting a dead or inactive strain of the virus into your bloodstream. Then the virus RNA is detected by the body.

Note: virus is dead or inactive so it CANNOT grow, development or do anything to you!

Resulting in the body triggering an immune response.

Then, for lack of a better term, the body remembers the antibodies to use when a live strain of the virus enters your body.

This isn’t anything new because this is how lots of vaccines work and millions of lives are saved each year. Like: The Flu, MMR and many other vaccines.

Final Note:

I know this is a scary time but please get vaccinated.

I truly don’t want anything bad to happen to any of you, so please stay safe and when you can become vaccinated. GET IT!

We are only going to get out of this crisis if enough people are vaccinated.

Have a great day, everyone!

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