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How to Combat Loneliness during COVID-19 and Everyday Life? The Psychology World Podcast Episode 22

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

social psychology, psychology, loneliness, COVID-19

Today’s blog post is on how to combat loneliness during COVID-19 and this blog post is largely inspired by social psychology.

Firstly, I must say that I truly feel for everyone during these difficult times and being isolated from people is difficult and it does put a strain on our mental health. For many reasons including loneliness.

However, this is why psychology and, in this case, social psychology is so important as social psychology can teach us how to maintain our mental health and reduce loneliness.

Therefore, in this blog post I’ll be telling you about always to combat loneliness during COVID-19 but everyday life as well.

But firstly I want to tell you that there are three types of loneliness that people can experience and they are:

· Social loneliness

· Emotional loneliness

· Existential loneliness

So to combat social loneliness; as this is the main type of loneliness that people will be experience during COVID-19- we can do a number of things. Such as:

Start a new activity or social group

Now I know that is sounds stupid because the world is basically on lockdown at the moment, but social loneliness is all about not feeling connected to anyone or part of a social group.

Therefore, in order to feel less lonely, we need to be apart of a new social group- and thanks to modern technology we can be.

So, my recommendation for you is to go onto social media or something to try and find a new group to belong to. Like: an online book club or arts and crafts.

For example, I know that a lot of gyms are now doing online classes so you can still get fit and connect with people at home.

So, that’s another tip as well. Check out any local classes for your hobbies or interests and see if they’re online.

· My third tip is to take advantage of modern technology because whilst the news may be all doom and gloom modern technology can still be great!

As a result of we can use technologies such as zoom, skype, facetime and WhatsApp to connect, see and talk with people.

Ultimately, that is how you prevent social loneliness. You need to interact, connect and talk to people so you don’t feel so alone.

· Finally, Netflix parties!

Now, I haven’t used or done a Netflix party but some of my friends have and they love them. as Netflix allows you to watch a flim with your friends while you all chat and hangout.

Meaning you can still be together and socialise without breaking the lockdown rules.

Isn’t that great!

It’s still Tuff

Now I know that it’s still tuff and this is a very difficult time, but we will get through it together and if you follow some of the advice in this post then it should help.

So please call a friend and let’s get talking and let’s be social!

I hope that you’ve joined today’s social psychology blog post and in case you ever thought that social psychology could never be applied to the real world. Then hopefully I’ve proved that social psychology can be useful in the real world.

Also, if you want to something to read to take your mind off these troubling times then please consider checking out my psychology books and my sci-fi fantasy books.

Please stay safe and stay sane!

Have a great day!

Kind regards Connor.

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