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Personality Psychology and Individual Differences

personality psychology and individual differences by connor whiteley

If you want to learn about personality psychology, this is the book for you!


Our personalities affect us in lots of interesting ways and they cause a lot of great behaviours. Making them extremely important to study.


This great, easy-to-understand book is the perfect guide to personality psychology and most of all its fun, packed full of great examples that relate the facts to everyday life!


By the end of this psychology book, you’ll know:

  • What Personality is and how it’s studied?

  • What Influences our Personality to form?

  • How Personality Influences Religious and political beliefs and our Mental Abilities?

  • And many more great topics!


This is NOT a boring university textbook.




Personality Psychology Content


Fun Personality Notes


Part One: Introduction to Personality Psychology

Introduction to Personality

Classifying Traits, Eysenck and The Lexical Approach to Personality

Five Factor Model of Personality and ‘The Big Five’

HEXACO Model of Personality


Part Two: The Biological Basis, Genetic and Environmental influences on Personality and Development and Stability of Personality

Biological basis of Personality: The Ancient, Modern and Neurotransmitters

Gray’s Theory, Eysenck’s Theory and the Evidence

Personality and Hormones

Developmental Changes and Stability of Personality

Introduction to Genetic and Environmental Influences on Personality

Genetic and Environmental Influences on Personality

Effects of Unique and Shared Environments and The Difficulties of Inheritability


Part Three: Personality and Mental Abilities

Introduction and Theories of Intelligence

Biological Basis, Genetic and Environmental Influences on Intelligence

Mental Ability and Life Outcomes

Developmental Changes and Stability of Intelligence

Fluid Intelligence, Crystallised Intelligence and The Flynn Effect

Alternative Theories of Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence


Part Four: Religiosity and Political Attitudes in Personality Psychology

Introduction to Religiosity in Personality and Religiosity and Personality Dimensions

Change and Stability of Religiosity and Religiosity and Life Outcomes

Introduction to Politics and Personality

Right-Wing Authoritarianism and Social Dominance Orientation

Dual Process Model of Ideologies and Prejudice, Attitudes and Personality, and Attitudes and Behaviours Towards Non-Human Outgroups


Part Five: Personality and Life Outcomes

Personality and Social Life Outcomes

Personality, Self-Control, The Dark Triad and Other Life Outcomes

Personality, Health Related outcomes and Academic Achievement

cognitive psychology, biological psychology, social psychology
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