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Forensic Psychology of Theft, Burglary and Property Crime

forensic psychology of theft burglary and property crime by connor whiteley

Whether you’re a psychology student, a forensic psychologist or just a person interested in forensic psychology. You’ll love this book!


Do you want to know why people shoplift?

How burglars make decisions?

How burglars choose their targets?


If the answer is yes to these questions and more. This is the book for you.


By the end of this forensic psychology book, you’ll know:

  • Why people shoplift?

  • Why shop workers steal?

  • How burglars decide their targets?

  • The truth behind the burglar-drug connection

  • Is there such a thing as expertise in crime?

  • Why people commit arson?

  • And much more!


If you love forensic and criminal psychology and want an easy to understand, engaging book, you need to read this!




The Forensic Psychology of Theft, Burglary and Other property Crimes Content:


Chapter 1: Theft and Shoplifting

Chapter 2: Burglary: Types of Bulgars, The Burglary -Drug Connection And Decision-Making Processes

Chapter 3: Expertise in Crime

Chapter 4: Arson and Pyromania


forensic psychology, social psychology, biological psychology, cognitive psychology, connor whiteley
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