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Dementia Psychology: A Cognitive Psychology, Biological Psychology and Neuroscience Guide To Dementia


Dementia steals lives.


Dementia damages brains, changes people and causes immense damage.

Psychologists and Dementia scientists research Dementia to illuminate us on what causes Dementia, how to prevent it and so much more.


In this brilliant, easy-to-understand book, we explore the fascinating world of dementia science and if you want to increase your knowledge of dementia dramatically. Then you need to buy this outstanding book!




Dementia Psychology Content Includes:


Part One: What Is Dementia?

What Is Dementia And Types of Dementia?

Why Dementia Isn’t A Diagnosis?

What Is Vascular Dementia?


Part Two: Reducing Your Risk Of Dementia

5 Ways To Keep Your Brain Healthy And Reduce Your Risk Of Dementia

5 Other Ways To Reduce Dementia Risk


Part Three: Additional Information About Dementia

Dementia And Sleeping Disorder

How Can Dementia Relate To Criminal Behaviour?

How To Manage Incontinence In Dementia?

Tremors In Dementia

Are Dementia Rates Declining?

Health Inequalities In Dementia Healthcare

Gender Inequalities In Dementia Healthcare


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