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Clinical Psychology Reflections Volume 4:
Thoughts On Psychotherapy, Mental Health, Abnormal Psychology and More

Clinical Psychology Reflections Volume 4: ​Thoughts On Psychotherapy, Mental Health, Abnormal Psychology and More

Available from all major eBook retailers and you can order the paperback and hardback copies from Amazon, your local bookstore and local library, if you request it. Also available as an AI-narrated audiobook from selected audiobook platforms and library systems. For example, Kobo, Spotify, Barnes and Noble, Google Play, Overdrive, Baker and Taylor and Bibliotheca. 

Clinical psychology applies psychological knowledge and theory to mental health conditions. But psychology students and professionals know information in textbooks and lecture theatres miss real-world issues sometimes.

Can we fix this?


Join bestselling psychology author Connor Whiteley reflecting on outstanding, critical topics, problems and more facing clinical psychology in this brilliant, engaging book going far beyond the textbooks and lecture theatres.


If you want to expand your knowledge of clinical psychology in the real-world. You MUST read this absolutely unputdownable and brilliant book!




Clinical Psychology Reflections Volume 4 Includes


Poverty Factors In Mental Health And Cost Of Living Crisis

Why There Needs To Be More Support For Researchers?

Why You Need To Have An Experimental Attitude In Your Degree?

Why You Need An Experimental Attitude In Psychotherapy?

Why Start With Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Is Good?

Why You Know More Than You Think?

Why Each Psychology Subfield Is An Echo Chamber?

Why People Believe Mental Health Is Its Own Angle In Psychology?

Why Broadening Our Definition Of Therapy Might Be A Good Thing?

Meaning Of Fiction, Hope And Some Weird Links To Clinical Psychology

A Continuation, Positivity In TV And More

Why Do You Need To Make Sure You Enjoy Your Clinical Psychology Journey?

The Most Important Question In Research

How Anger Drives Action?

Another Example Of The Power Of Language (A Great One For Parents)

Why Psychometric And Personal Goals Are Critical In Psychotherapy?

The Value Of Informally Talking To Service Users

Why Psychology Organisations At Pride Events Is Interesting?

The Power Of CBT Pie Charts

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