Recommended tools for authors:

Here you'll find a great range of author tools that will help you publishing, book marketing and writing efforts.

I personally use all of these tools in my author business and I recommend them.

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I love because it's filled with amazing freelancers so you can produce a professional cover and work with professional editors for a fraction of the cost.

Please note: only use well-reviewed people because some people on here aren't professionals.

I truly LOVE PublisherRocket becuase it is a truly amazing tool that allows you to find your keywords are see how profitable they will with accurate data instead of KDspy's traffic light system.

I can't put into words how great this toll is for keyword research.

Personally, I use Wix becuase it's a great platform that is easy to use and it's cheaper than some of the other services.

So, if you're looking for a great website service that it's relatively cheap and easy to use then Wix could be for you.

KDspy was the first keyword research tool I ever used and it was a very useful tool because it allowed me to find some great keywords, it showed me the best keywords per amazon marketplace and it was relatively easy to use.

It was a great introduction to keyword software and it's cheaper than PublisherRocket.

However, for my next website; hopefully a writing focused site as well as a separate website for my fiction in the future; I will be using because it's definitely the better service from my research.

As a result of it allows you to do more and as in 2020, I'm focusing on Search Engine Optimisation. (SEO) I'm learning that WordPress is best for SEO ease.

For my amazing mailing list, I use Mailerlite because I started using Mailchimp but I couldn't understand how it worked, so I switched to Mailerlite and I love it. It's really easy to use and I enjoy using it. Who knew that writing emails could be fun with the right tool?


Also, it allows you to have up to 1,000 subscribers before you have to upgrade to a paid plan.

K-lytics is another great company for independent authors because they allow you to buy great packs of genre specific data that's very easy to understand, as well as it gives you a very interesting breakdown of the best keywords and categories.


In addition, there analysis of each genre is great for people who want to write to market because the breakdown exactly what's selling great with low competition in each genre.

As soon as it was confirmed that I was going to London Book Fair in 2020; assuming that it wasn't cancelled; I wanted to have my own business cards. In case, I meet someone that I wanted to work with in the future or in case someone wanted to contact me. 

So, I decided to use Vistaprint and the business cards and the other services that they provide are great, very high quality and very affordable. I bought my business cards for rough £11 for 250 business cards.

I definitely recommend them!


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