Recommended books for writers:

This page is filled with books that I have found very helpful in my author journey and the topics of these great books range from book marketing to publishing to writing.

I hope that you find these useful!

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Productivity for Author by Joanna Penn

Throughout these books, I'll be recommending Joanna Penn becuase she is a great writer and in this book she is great at recommending tips for ways to increase our productivity and I did like the dictation chapter. 

Basically, if you want to increase your productivity as an author, you should read this book!

Audio for Authors by Joanna Penn

This has to be my favourite book by Joanna Penn becuase this book and the entire audio format is very important for the future of publishing.

Therefore, it was great to have this book that taught us more about audio, podcasting and my favourite section: voice technologies. As these voice technologies will be extrememly important in the future as we move into a voice-first ecosystem.

How to Market a Book by Joanna Penn:

This was one of my first books that I got from Joanna Penn and it was a great book for me as I was still finding my feet in the author community and book marketing world, as well as this book is filled with great tips for book marketing.

In addition, the first part of the book goes into the marketing mindset and this section is extrememly helpful.


By the time that I had asked Joanna for a review copy, I had already written over 10 nonfiction books so I didn't think that I would learn anything but I was wrong. It's filled with great material that anyone will find useful regardless of the stage they're at of the writing career.

The Healthy Writer by Joanna Penn and Dr Euan Lawson:

I know that I'm only 18 years old but I want to be an author for the long term and for this you need to be healthy so I got this book and it was... shockingly great. Due to the facts, the stories and the entire book was very informative but it wasn't heavy.

So if you want to do this author thing for the long term then you need to get this book!

Killing It on Kobo by Mark Lesile LeFebvre:

Now I truly love Mark's books becuase in this his Kobo focused book he tells us everything about Kobo and how to use it the best- and I truly love it. It's an amazing book and it has really helped me to understand and use Kobo effectively.

So please this amazing book!

How to Make a Living with your Writing by Joanna Penn:

This was probably the first book by Joanna that i bought with my money as the books before that I bought with an audible credit- and this book definetly did not disappoint.

As a result of as a newish author- this book was great learn about other ways to make money from my writing. Even now I still refer to the book.

Public Speaking by Joanna Penn:

I hate public speaking becuase I stutter and I hate the noise and crowds, but I really want to get into speaking so I bought this book and I was glued to it as it's filled with so many great tips for everyone. 

I highly recommend this book!

Business for Authors by Joanna Penn:

Whilst, this is a reasonably heavy book and I probably read through too early in my author journey. I'm still glad that I did because it has endless amounts of great information on the author business and the things that you ideally need to consider.

So I would highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to be an author for the long term!

An Author's Guide to Working With Libraries and Bookstores by Mark Lesile LeFebvre

This is one of the fewbooks that put me in a sort of super happy state becuase in this book I learned so much great information; Like GooglePlay had opened back up to independent authors; and this book was great to read that I strongly recommend this book becuase it's so helpful and it's just a great book.y.

Pinterest For Authors by Mark Dawnson with Pip Reid:

In early 2020, I wanted to expand my social media marketing efforts to Pinterest so I bought this book to help me understand the platform- and for a short book it was filled with great content that has allowed me to confidently use Pinterest for my marketing. I love this book!

The #ArtofTwitter by Danial Parsons:

Whilst, I ended up returning this book, I still highly recommend this book to new authors or people that are new to Twitter becuase this very useful book breaksdown everything to do with Twitter in easy to understand steps.


How to Write Best-Selling Fiction by James Scot Bell:

This amazing audiobook is great for new authors and old authors because it's filled with very useful advice, tips and it breakdowns the art of writing in a very simple way.

Plus, the little music is does have definetly adds to the audiobooke expereince.


Marketing Rebellion by Mark Schaefer:

In my book, Human Branding for Authors: How to be Human in an AI World. I breifly talk about this book becuase this was a great book to read in the research process of that book- as it acts as a compliment to my human branding book very well.

As this book describles the importance of humanity in marketing in a larger non-author setting.



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