why write the Brownsea Trilogy?

Updated: Apr 24, 2019

Hello, everyone.

As you can probably guess by the title I'm going to be explaining why I choose to write the Brownsea rooms.

personally, I wrote them because as it said in my author bio I went to Brownsea on scout camp and I fell in love with the place because Brownsea Island is a beautiful place in the South of England; a must see for tourists; with its thick pine forests and great range of wildlife.

Anyway on its shores Brownsea has a massive amount of broken tiles and pottery so being the imaginative 14 year old I was I started thinking about how they could of got there and over the course of the weekend Brownsea, The Angel and the plot for The Angel of Return got born.

Following this I went home and within four months I wrote my first novel then the four months after that I wrote my second book; The Angel of Freedom and then I wrote my third: The Angel of Salvation.

However, the reason why I wrote the books- well at least another reason was as a result I had always wanted to write a book so this gave me the reason I needed to write and after I started writing I couldn't really stop with the ideas.

Please check back soon for my next post!

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