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What Very Important Thing Have You Lost or Found on Your Psychology Journey?

cognitive psychology; social psychology; forensic psychology

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What Have I Found on My Psychology Journey?

When I first heard this question, I thought it was strange, and I believed that I haven’t found or lost anything on my psychology journey.

But I thought about it, and I was definitely wrong.

I say this because I have found something, I now hold dear to me and I love that I found this on my psychology journey. It was my sense of awareness.

Now, I’m not saying that I wasn’t aware of the world and how it worked before I did psychology, and I will not pretend psychology is reading minds. I hate it when people think that.

However, I love that psychology has given me an extra insight into human behaviour and this has allowed me to know when people are using certain tactics.

My favourite example is forensic psychology. It teaches us that long prison sentences do not work. Instead, it is all about the training the criminals receive inside prison that helps them with their rehabilitation. For example, cognitive behavioural therapy, modelling or work skills to oversimplify the training.

Personally, I love this fact because it means when politicians shout out to the people that they will give longer, harsher prison sentences. I know these politicians do not care about helping the criminals and aiding them in rehabilitation. I know that these politicians are only interested in getting people to vote for them. Because of if the politicians actually cared about making society safer, then they would invest in rehabilitation.

Another favourite fact, I love comes from social psychology with Social Cognitive Theory. I really like the theory because it explains a lot of everyday human behaviour and it has a lot of real-world implications. Therefore, I’m grateful that I found this fact at the beginning of my psychology journey because it allowed me to understand modelling and how people learn from others.

Finally, some more evidence I have for this awareness comes from Developmental Psychology. I might not enjoy the subfield of psychology but when you have an infant nephew, I felt happy when he does something, and I can link it something I’ve learned. For example, understanding desires with Theory of Mind as I always laugh when infants don’t understand you have a different desire to them. Such as when infants keep trying to give you their juice bottle because they think you are thirsty as well.

Without psychology, I wouldn’t be able to do that.

That’s why I love psychology.

That’s why I am on my psychology journey because I want to learn about human behaviour, I want to understand people, but most of all I want to help people.

So, the most important thing I have found on my psychology journey is undeniably an awareness of the extra things that psychology allows us to see. That is otherwise invisible to us.

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