Book marketing- local newspaper?

Book marketing- I know we all hate it however it’s vital for all author whether you’re traditionally published or not. We all have to market our own books at some point.

Leading me onto another piece of book marketing advice and it’s reaching out to a local newspaper or a local…. Group because the worse they can do is say no.

Yet the whole point of doing this idea is because if a local newspaper features your books in a story then it gives you more exposure and more people will be able to see your book or series, possibly like it and then buy it.

Consequently, with this in mind I emailed my local Medway messenger and did a draft story for them with I’ll admit a less than great email.

But here is what I wrote as an idea for you to email your own local newspapers and then in another post I’ll tell you their response when they email me:


18-year-old publishes psychology series:

Connor Whiteley an 18-year-old IB psychology from Strood has recently published the rest of his nonfiction psychology series called: An Introductory Series.

In the series he breaks down and explains many areas of psychology into easy to understand sections so everyone can learn and appreciate psychology.

He originally published the first half of his series back in March 2019 as part of some revision. Where he explored psychology topics such as how biology, mental processes, social interactions, culture and depression affects our behaviour.

However, he decided to finish off the series and publish the rest of it this week. Which makes the following topics very easy to understand and follow: human attraction and good behaviour, health psychology, how children develop and how psychology is researched as well as he brings this whole series together in one book called: the Psychology Collection. Were you can get the 8 books in the series for the price of 4 (£9.99 at amazon).

The author will be continuing his passion for psychology in September when he goes to university.

The entire series can be found on amazon by typing in Connor Whiteley and eBooks are £2.49 and paperbacks are £3.99 and more of this young author’s work can be found at and if you sign up for his email list you get two free short stories as well as writing and book marketing advice along with news of his latest books.


Hello, you really don’t have to do this story if you don’t want to. I know there are more important stories after all.

However, I hope you could do something with this article about my latest book series please as a way to support myself as a young author please.

The article is pretty much written. It’s done in third person.

Attached is the possible article and a front cover shot of the Psychology Collection. in case you need it.

Kind regards Connor

Have a great week.

I hope that enlightens your book marketing efforts more and remember you can do this for fiction and nonfiction books.

Have a great week!



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