Amazing Breakfast loaf, sausage pancakes and more!

Hello, everyone!

Now I love cooking. t's a great thing to do and you can create some wonderful items in the kitchen so I thought that I will share some of my creations with you!

So were we have a breakfast loaf which is were I lined a loaf tin with buttered bread, then I did layers of sausages, bacon and cheese then I topped it all off with an egg and milk mixture then I put another bread layer over the top and baked in an oven for 40 mins. This is a must have to all. It tasted amazing!

we have homemade fried squid as well were I placed squid in flour, then milk then I covered in crushed cereal and then I fried it.

Finally, for pancake day I decided to do myself and my dad some pancakes that had sliced sausage and bacon in them. T

hey were amazing!

Have a brilliant weekend everyone!

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