Add extra amazon categories!

When I learnt this book marketing trick i was amazed because it is really helpful because KDP; a publishing platform that I'll explain in a future post currently only allows you to put your book into two categories.

Which can be very limiting in terms of book marketing as it means that your fiction as well as non-fiction books don’t get the exposure that they deserve.

So now I’m going to be showing you how to get amazon to add categories to your book.

Firstly, on your KDP bookshelf go up to the top right-hand corner and click HELP.

Then scroll down to the bottom and in the left-hand corner click a yellow button called: CONTACT US.

Afterwards click on BOOK DETAILS and then UPDATE CATEGORIES AND KEYWORDS then the screen should match the image above.

Now all you need to do is simply type in the categories that you want added and click send.

Personally, I love this trick because it helps your books to get more exposure and there’s an increased chance of someone finding it amongst the sea of other fiction and non-fiction books.

I hope this helps your book marketing efforts!

Thank you to the Creative Penn for giving me the initial idea.



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