Human Branding for Authors: How to be Human in an AI World?

Perfect for any author or writer who is interested in becoming a more human brand.

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Do you want to make your author brand more human?

Do you want to learn about the different methods that authors can use to create a brand?

Do you want to learn how to show your humanity to your readers and fans?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes then this is the book for you- because in this book you’ll learn over 20 methods and ideas about how to create a more human author brand as well as why human branding is important for the present and the future.


By the end of this book, you’ll come away with a lot of knowledge and ideas that you can implement in your own author business to make you a more human brand as well as you’ll learn a bit about the technological changes ahead.


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Human Branding content:


Social psychology and important things to know

Part 1: Voice

Introduction to Voice



Part Two: Humanity and you being you

Warm and competence



Social media

Personal stories

Purpose and Taking a Stand

Human Branding and Emails


Part Three: In-person Events




Facebook Groups


Part Four: Readers

Interaction with Readers

Part Five: Mindset, Agility, Learning and Rebellion



Learning and the Rebellion Against Ads


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