Grammarly Review:

Hello, my fellow creatives and welcome to my review of Grammarly.


Firstly, in case you didn’t know what Grammarly is, it’s a great piece of software that acts as a mini-editor and spell checker for your documents and most importantly your writing.


Personally, I love Grammarly because I’ve been using them since August 2018 and I have never regretted my decision to use it.

Mainly, as Grammarly allows me to create clearer drafts for my editor so it’s easy for them and it has a lot of interesting as well as useful features for writing as well.


Below is a list of reasons for why I recommend Grammarly:


Improves your writing:

As writers, we all want to improve our craft and sadly our writing craft isn’t automatically going to be perfect. In fact, it never will be perfect, but we can always strive for perfection and in our strive, we need to be constantly learning.

Thankfully, Grammarly can be a non-mentally taxing way of learning about craft as you only need to activate the software and it points all of the mistakes out.


Meaning you can learn about the proper way to use commons, clauses and more of the boring punctuation.


That nobody is ever perfect at because the English language is so complex!


In addition, a personal favourite of mine is that Grammarly is great for word choice because we’re all guilty of writing something that sounds okay, but for a reader, it would be a bit long-winded.



Therefore, Grammarly recommends a better way of writing that sentence so it makes sense and it’s more concise.


Why get Grammarly when Word already has spell and Grammar check?


Personally, I use Grammarly instead of my Microsoft Word spell and Grammar checker because from self-editing my books before I send them off, I use to find that the Word checker missed a lot out.


As the Word checker might have found most of the basic errors but it missed out a lot of advanced errors that could impact the readability of the work- and we don’t want to harm our reader’s experience.


For example, I definitely prefer Grammarly’s checker on clarity as sometimes I’ve had okay sentences which are fine by Word’s standards but when I checked it against Grammarly. I found that it could be improved, and after I improved it. I definitely see the difference.


This works for both non-fiction and fiction.


Should you get the Premium or Free version of Grammarly?

I’ve tried both free and Premium and to be honest, it depends on what you want.


I used the free version of Grammarly for over a year because it does a great job for finding out your critical issues, tautology, this is a new update and it’s very useful, and it does a great job on clarity.


Meaning that if you want a great fix to your Word’s or other document software’s spell and Grammar checker without spending money then the free version is perfect.


Then if you want to upgrade later then that’s fine too.


However, if you do want to spend a bit of money then I highly recommend Grammarly’s paid version as it has some great extra features that all writers will find useful.


For example, I like the plagiarism feature and I love the engagement/ word choice feature as it gives you some suggestions to make your writing more interesting, and sometimes their suggestions are wow!


Anyway, I hope that you’ve found this Grammarly Review helpful and if you want to get Grammarly then please consider clicking on my affiliate link below- and signing up for my newsletter to find out more about writing, marketing and publishing.


Happy Writing and Publishing!


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