Best Sci-Fi Books:

As a science fiction author, I read a lot of science fiction books so here's my list of the Best Sci-Fi Books. (In my opinion)

Also, please check these books out at your local libraries and your local bookstores to support them. 


I love this Warhammer 40,000 book because this has some great characters and plot.

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Now, this book I love because this is great plot and character entered around a very famous Warhammer 40,000 character. 

Also, it explains some iconic features of the character. But it might leave you with more questions than answers.


This has to be my favourite science fiction series ever because these characters are amazing and the plot... wow. If you like Warhammer 40,00 then you NEED to read this series.

If you're new to Warhammer 40,00 READ these books.

wilder rider.JPG

This series definitely makes it onto the Best Science Fiction Books list because these books are told from the alien point of view and they're great stories. With very good plots and I love this Warhammer 40,000 fraction so this series is perfect for me.

Highly recommend!


Next to the series, this is my favourite of the Best Sci-fi Books because this science fiction books is filled with twists and turns, politics and more great action.

This book even inspired my fantasy book: Winter's Dissension.

And they ending was CLEVER!