Best Fantasy Books:

As a fantasy author, I love reading fantasy book so I've created a best fantasy books list to share the books I've loved.

This is just my opinion.

Also, please check these books out at your local libraries and your local bookstores to support them.

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Best Fantasy Books: Agents of the Crown by Lindsay Buroker

There is so much I love about this series from the plot to the Unresolved Sexual Tension between the great characters. There is so much to love!

Plus, this is a very funny series!

Highly recommend!

Best Fantasy Books: Arkane Thrillers by J. F Penn

These might be Thrillers but these have a great dark fantasy twist as well.

From the great locations to the characters and plot to the relics, I love every aspects of these books.

Really Recommend to readers!

Best Fantasy Books: Mapwalker Trilogy by J.F Penn

This fantasy series is different from what I normally read but I truly love it.

Before reading this, I never considered writing a real world fantasy book but after reading this spilt world fantasy book. I'm considering it.

From the characters to the locations to the story arcs. I highly recommend the entire series to readers!


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