Human Branding Consultant:

The world is changing and Artificial Intelligence is already being used to generate content and this trend is certain to continue.


But you don't need to be fearful.

You only need to be more human, as humans connect with humans.


As the author of the book Human Branding for Authors: How to be Human in an AI World?  Connor Whiteley has made it his mission to find out how to be more human so authors can still stand out in a landscape of more AI generated content.

Therefore, in this 1:1 consulting session, I can talk about how to be more human using the following tools:

  • Emails

  • Videos

  • In-person events (there's a range of events you can do in case the idea of speaking is scary!)

  • The Power of Voice

  • Social Media

  • And more...


The one hour session costs $99 and a session should give you stacks of information that should give you enough to implement into your author business for the next few months.


Also, if you're not happy with the session I will give you a 100% refund.

How do the sessions work?

These sessions are over the phone or over a Skype video call and these are very targeted sessions so you shouldn't need more than one session.


Once you have bought the session by sending the money to


Please email me at with:

  • Your timezone

  • Your contact information

  • Three different times at different times of the day that the session could take place.

After you will be sent a questionnaire to fill in.

I look forward to consulting with you.

Have a great day!


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